Foundation helps fund new CSA research with John Hopkins


The “Let Go … Let Peace Come In” Foundation has started to fund multiple projects including research projects on the prevention of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), enabling access to care to adult survivors of CSA, and studying the issues of pedophilia. The Foundation started by Peter S. Pelullo existed long before Jerry Sandusky was charged. Continue reading

Sandusky found guilty! Foundation now helps victims rebuild their lives


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Victim “no.1″ expresses his willingness to help the foundation.
He has already appeard on the foundation fund-raising video.

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Psychologist Michael Gillum, MA, joins the “Let Go…Let Peace Come In” Foundation board


A member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Mr. Gillum is providing professional advice on matters concerning mental health care for adult survivors of child sexual abuse to the LGLPCI Foundation.

Mr. Gillum currently works with the LGLPCI Foundation in treating some of the victims of the alleged Penn State-Jerry Sandusky childhood sex abuse and sexual molestation scandal.In addition to his work with the LGLPCI Foundation and his private practice, Mr. Gillum is a professional consultant to the Pennsylvania county courts, the children and youth services agency, the juvenile probation agency, the district attorney, the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office, law enforcement, school districts, and other human service agencies. He has appeared on national and regional television, in newspapers, and on radio shows covering sexual abuse, school violence, critical incident debriefing, TWA-800, terrorism, child abuse, community mental health, mental health stigma, post-traumatic stress, disasters, mental health, and many other topics.CNN has called upon Mr. Gillum to share his expertise in psychology with its cable television viewers. Continue reading

Peter to addresses “helping adult survivors” at the Public Sector Leadership Conversation Forum


The Forum’s Public Sector Leadership Conversation Series connects Forum members to the world of politics and public policy. It has announced Its 4th Speaker for 2011-2012:  Peter S. Pelullo, Founder, Let Go.. Let Peace Come In Foundation

As a philanthropist, Peter Pelullo is focused on helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through the 501(c)(3) nonprofit he founded called the Let Go… Let Peace Come In Foundation (LGLPCI –  Continue reading

Peter S. Pelullo is special guest on blogtalk radio speaking on helping sexual abuse survivors


SPECIAL GUEST is Peter Pelullo, adult survivor, author of“Betrayal & the Beast” and founder of “Let Go .. Let Peace Come In.” The mission of Let Go, Let Peace Come In is to bring healing, support, and awareness to the hundreds of millions of adult childhood sexual abuse survivors and their families worldwide. The Foundation plans to enact change within the healthcare systems, political systems, and societies by teaching and educating through the current technologies. It will weave a message of peace, hope, recovery and happiness into the fabric of these societies by integrating published materials with video, audio and Internet media throughout the world. And it will raise money for a non-profit fund to provide the financial assistance necessary to start survivors of childhood sexual abuse on the path to recovery “one” survivor at a time. Mr Pelullo writes, “Based on the voluminous amount of visits from around the world to our Foundation’s website I have been inspired to identify a foundation in each of the seven continents to assemble a “World Alliance” for Understanding, Healing and Supporting recovery for adults that suffer the effects of childhood sexual abuse.” To listen to recording of Interview, click play:

Listen to internet radio with Bill Murray on Blog Talk Radio :helping sexual abuse survivors

Peter Pelullo’s Book is featured on Dr Drew


Peter Pelullo Book Featured on Dr Drew

Peter S. Pelullo is  frequently being interviewed by the media as the founder of the “Let Go, Let Peace Come In” foundation for victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). His own newly released book “Betrayal and the Beast” was featured on Dr Drew.

Peter and the foundation gained significant attention when he encouraged the alleged Sandusky scandal victims to speak out and seek recovery.  The foundation offers support for adult victims of sexual abuse.


Foundation starts relationship with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to address pedophilia


john hopkins partners with pelullo's  foundationThe “Let Go.. Let Peace Come In Foundation” founded by Peter Pelullo is starting a relationship with the world renowned Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and is supporting their research to better the available care for adult survivors, improve prevention efforts, and prevent pedophilia.

WGAL interview Pelullo on healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse


WGAL interview Peter Pelullo on recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse

SUSQUEHANNA VALLEY, Pa. — An effort is being made nationwide to help the alleged victims of the Jerry Sandusky case.    The group Let Go, Let Peace Come In has started a fundraising campaign to help the young men who say they were assaulted.

Peter Pelullo, who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, started the group. He says the problem is catastrophic and he hopes the scandal at Penn State will raise national awareness.

“I think if we can get anything from this, after the Catholic Church, after the Boy Scouts, after Penn State, I’m hoping we can build a platform nationwide,” Pelullo said.

Pelullo also had a message for the alleged victims of the Penn State scandal and all sexual assault victims.  ”You are not alone. There’s a community of men and women that are out here to be able to help you not to ever give up. It will take some time. There is hope,” he said.

To make a donation, you can visit the Let Go, Let Peace Come website.”

KIRKUS Reviews calls Pelullo’s book work “impressive”

Kirkus Reviews give positive review of Peter Pelullo BookWell-told, written with smooth transitions that keep the narrative flowing…

Pelullo does an admirable job of bringing the reader into his painfully honest story, offering a beacon to other victims of sexual abuse and addiction…

An impressive, candid effort…”          

—Kirkus Reviews

Betrayal and the Beast: One man’s journey through childhood sexual abuse, sexual addiction and recovery!

Wendy Maltz, author of ‘Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse’ endorses book

Wendy Maltz endorses pelullo book“Strikingly honest, explicit, and revealing. Peter Pelullo provides a penetrating analysis of the relationship between childhood sexual victimization and subsequent compulsive sexual behavior.

Then, with courage and candor, he recounts his journey of recovery—from facing his past and getting help to learning to love and care for himself, grow stronger with others, and heal his wounded family.”

—Wendy Maltz, LCSW, DST, author of The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

‘National Latino Alliance for Elimination of Domestic Violence’ endorse book

“Although there are countless victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, not enough  people know what to do to help them cope with the devastating physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual effects of the violence perpetrated against them. This results in their having to suffer, alone and unsupported, through years of fear, shame, guilt, lack of intimacy and trust, and, in many cases, self-destructive behavior. Pelullo’s graphic and moving portrayal of his decades-long journey toward healing and recovery offers important lessons for parents, spouses, doctors, teachers, and other adults who come in contact with survivors of this horrendous violence. His painfully honest story will also bring hope to those survivors who have lived in fear of not finding support or achieving recovery and help them start their own journeys toward healing.”

—Adelita M. Medina, executive director, National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza)